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Before choosing an advisor or psychic from ANYWHERE
Please Educate Yourself:

FEATURED LISTINGS: Please note that these are not "featured" due to the advisors ability or accuracy or customer satisfaction. These advisors PAID to get those top spots. Featured listings are PAID ADVERTISING, period.  Please, if you must choose an advisor, choose from their highest RATED!

I am starting a page dedicated to people have been scammed. Please, if YOU have been ripped off in any way shape or form, email me and I will post your story (confidentially, of course) you you can help others before it happens to THEM.

 IF you receive "free minutes" from an advisor that you have never spoken to, please be advised that these "ethical" people went to other advisors FEEDBACK, obtained your username, in an effort to STEAL clients from other advisors. I would think twice about the integrity of that person.

Please note that keen's system has a feature that tells us, the advisors, what username our next caller is, and now, the phone system tells us your username also. There is nothing wrong with that, however, since some clients seemed to have been "blown away" by a psychic "KNOWING" it was them when they called and having the advisor not tell the clients HOW they REALLY knew, made me add this in here, so now you know folks, how they knew it was you calling.

You may see phrases like : "As seen on TV, radio, or in newspapers/magazines". Please know that you can write ANYTHING in your listing, that doesn't mean its TRUE. You can write just about anything and get away with it. For goodness sakes "As seen on TV"? Maybe they were on COPS or Americas Most Wanted................

(go to the "phony psychics" button to read even more about what to watch out for on the index page)

Anyone claiming to be 100% accurate
or that guarantees results: Only God is 100% accurate, and as for guaranteed results: TRY to get your money back and its GUARANTEED you wont get it!

Anyone asking you to call them at a 1-800#
or to make payments to them outside of the service (like Keen, for example) should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the providers customer service department. Contact Customer Service not the readers. Please do NOT give an advisor your last name, your address, or credit card number.  An advisor does not need ANY of that information to give you an accurate reading, and once you communicate off the site, the service provider can not help you should things go wrong.

Spells--Anointed Candles-
Here it gets really interesting....anyone asking you to hold on the line or asking you to call their "other" line while they do an "anointed candle burning" is just out to burn YOU, and you should tell them where they can stick their "anointed candle." Please, do not be fooled by people who tell you they will reunite you with a lost love in 24 hours, or who will "cleanse" you and remove curses or "negativity." Anyone that claims they can do this is a con artist and preying on desperate people. The only thing they will "REMOVE" is the money from your wallet. Do not fall for their scare tactics. NEVER SEND ANY OF THEM MONEY BY MAIL OR WESTERN UNION. If you do, start looking in your phone book for a good attorney..................

The use of the words
"World Renowned" and "World Famous" is obvious..if they WERE "World Renowned" OR "World Famous," YOU or someone you KNOW should have heard of them. Just another false advertising tactic to get you to call them.

People using famous names.
Anyone claiming to BE Miss Cleo, Sylvia Brown or any other "famous" psychic is just using their names to get you to call...if a person is willing to steal someone else's identity, they should have
NO problem stealing your MONEY! And, just because someone "says" they have advised famous people does not mean they have. You can download an autographed photo of a celebrity from ebay for goodness sakes and put it on your website! Cute huh? And what about customer confidentiality anyway? It would be great if the celebrities actually knew how their names were being used and these people were sued!


The most common initials for men are "R, M, J,and D" for instance.
Using common initials is a trick used in cold readings.

The 1-900 business.
Please click the "Phony Psychics" button and read the Report put out by the consumer protection agency.

The "Circle of Goddesses" includes The Lady Rhiannon and Lady Branwyn

The Lady Rhiannon is a Top Keen advisor who helped topple the Miss Cleo/PRN company. The Lady Rhiannon has been giving psychic readings for many years and has a large clientele of satisfied customers.

Lady Branwyn has been known for her steadfast professionalism.
Lady Branwyn uses her  gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and knowledge of tarot for her psychic readings.

THE CIRCLE OF GODDESSES Group of psychics on The Lady Rhiannon


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