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Goddess Rhiannon

Rhiannon [RHEE-AH-non]
is a Welsh underworld Goddess .
Her story is told in the Mabinogion
( translation by Lady Charlotte Guest).
Her origin goes back further still according to
Jean Markale who believes that she might have
been the original Mother Goddess of the Celtic people.
She brings forth peaceful sleep, dreams,
and sometimes nightmares .
She is found in several ancient cultures,
and called by several names,
including "The Lady of The Lake".

Throughout history Rhiannon has survived
and influenced many cultures and legends.
The name Rhiannon translates as "divine" or "Great Queen.
" She is Goddess of change, movement, and magic.
She comforts in times of crisis, loss, and illness.
She gives us gifts of tears, forgetfulness (to promote healing),
and humor to ease our sufferings in this life
and gently guides us to the next .
She is also accompanied by three birds whose singing
can call the dead or grant peaceful sleep to the living,
one white, one gold and one emerald green.

The name Rhiannon was made popular in the mid 1970's
by Fleetwood Macs song "Rhiannon" written by Stevie Nicks. Click here for the lyrics



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