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Be aware of who you are speaking with as well as the information you share with them. Most psychic sites perform no background check,  screening or verification process before allowing someone to work on their site. A well known psychic site had someone working through their site who tried to molest a clients child as well as trying to gain access to their credit card information. For the news articles CLICK HERE and HERE.

Anyone claiming to be 100% accurate or that guarantees results: Only God is 100% accurate, and as for guaranteed results: TRY to get your money back and its GUARANTEED you wont get it. Anyone making this claim should be avoided. Should you make the mistake of sending anyone money, save your receipts-they are NOT going to give you back your money out of the kindness of their hearts, if there actually WAS kindness is their heart they wouldn't have asked you to send them money in the FIRST place! Remember, a con artist can only con you if they "appear" to be "sweet, compassionate, and caring". That's how con artists/ fake psychics can commit psychic fraud, they get you-by making you BELIEVE they care about YOU. They care about your CASH-and what it can do for THEM. These phony psychics will resort to anything to get your money...............such as: they need "x" amount of dollars to go to a church and have to have candles made of you, your loved ones, in an effort to "rid you/them of negativity, curses, or spells. If ANY psychic gives you a line even remotely close to this, run to the hills. Do not give any psychic YOUR phone number, 9 times out of ten these fake psychics will call you incessantly because they want you to believe you need this "work" done, and they feel they can pressure you into it. This is a classic example of psychic fraud. Never give ANY psychic your address either, because if this psychic is a fraud, it will make you feel very vulnerable knowing they have your address. Another method these phony fake psychics use to get you to send them an enormous amount of $ is that you would have whatever you wanted, if it wasn't for the fact there is a spell or negativity around you. These frauds say THAT is the reason you aren't getting what you want and are having hard times, and if you send them money they can burn for you, or they will bury your "dirty money" in sacred ground, all will be wonderful for you again. A big scam these fake psychics have used is to tell you that you have been cursed for 7 years (whatever # they come up with) and for $1,000.00 for each YEAR that you "pay the saints to protect you and remove the curse you will be ok again. (all that for $7,000.00! What a deal!) Many times if a person is desperately wanting to be re-united with their lost love, and their lost love has someone NEW in their life, the fake psychic will tell them "he loves YOU but SHE/HE put a curse/spell/black magic on them and you will NEVER get them back unless it is REMOVED (and, sure enough, they cant do it FOR you, for a fee of course). Another slant on this psychic fraud is the fake psychic will tell ANYONE who is having problems with a mate is that things will get worse unless they have their aura cleansed or they do some "love spells" to make everything "happy" again. No one can do this for you, if they could, no movie star would EVER get divorced, neither would anyone rich for that matter, as THEY can afford to have spells done DAILY, and these people would be in too high demand to be dealing with YOU. That's like some person who spots you at a gas station decides YOU are the one for them and can get candles and spells and have you fall in love with them? Yeah, right..............and if you were happily married they could get you to divorce so you could be with them by casting a spell? Please, that is ridiculous. Psychic fraud is prevalent, please use caution when parting with your hard-earned money.

Anyone asking you to call them at a 1-800# or their home # to make payments to them outside of a service (like Keen, for example) should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the providers customer service. Any unsolicited email you receive from an advisor you have never spoken to should also be reported IMMEDIATELY as they have broken their member agreement. Contact Customer Service not the readers. Do OTHER people a service by exposing these fraudulent people BEFORE they hurt someone ELSE! The companies will not do much to help you if you do send money outside the service, you will be on your own, so don't make that mistake! Please leave in the readers FEEDBACK that they asked you to call them at home, or asked you for money for spells. Let OTHERS know before THEY call that this psychic is a fraud. Read as much feedback as you can, and actually READ it, if you see people talking about "work" that's being done by the advisor, or references to "candle burnings" or people saying they were asked for extra money DON'T CALL!

Spells/curses/negativity removal/aura cleansings--Here it gets really interesting....anyone asking you to hold on the line or asking you to call their "other" line while they do an "anointed candle burning" is just out to burn YOU, and you should tell them where they can stick their "anointed candle." Please, do not be fooled by fake phony psychics who tell you they will reunite you with a lost love in 24 hours, or who will "cleanse" you and remove curses or "negativity." The only thing they will "REMOVE" is the money from your wallet. Do not fall for their scare tactics, this is all a scam. NEVER SEND ANY OF THEM MONEY BY MAIL OR WESTERN UNION. Do not send them ANY money PERIOD. This is THE classic psychic scam, and trying to get your money back is a lengthy process.


The use of the words "World Renowned" and "World Famous" is obvious.. If they WERE "World Renowned" OR "World Famous," YOU or someone you KNOW should have heard of them. Also, when you see someone claiming to be an "ordained minister", wait to look up WHERE they got "ordained" before you get too impressed...a lot of sites offer to make you an ordained minister or "spiritual counselor" for a fee or for FREE--no study required. Now, how spiritual is THAT? Click here to see a site that will ordain you in 3 minutes for free, no study required!


Psychics using famous names. Anyone claiming to BE Miss Cleo, Sylvia Brown or any other "famous" psychic is just using their names to get you to call...if a person is willing to steal someone else's identity, they should have NO problem stealing your MONEY! Be really careful of psychics who say they have famous clients and actually give the names out..... readings are "supposed to be" confidential, aren't they? Unless the celebrity was interviewed and said "so-and-so" is their advisor, and gave them permission to use their names, which they did not. In many cases these claims are to impress the callers and are complete fraud too. (which is false advertising and illegal.) You may see autographed photos from celebrity clients too, well, you can download those photos from EBAY, so don't accept those as proof they really are clients of the "psychic".

The 1-900 business. Please click the following link and read the Report put out by the consumer protection agency. The Lady Rhiannon worked extensively with this agency (see Thank You letter from CPA as PROOF) and the report is a real eye-opener. It explains in-depth how the 1-900 industry scams both the "readers" and the callers. If you feel you have been scammed as a "reader" or caller, please contact the consumer protection agency DIRECTLY, cut out the middleman and take your story to someone who can help YOU. They will always use confidentiality to protect you if need be. Since the people from the "miss cleo/PRN lines are back to their old tricks, please be aware that they are out there, and working on top internet psychic sites! These fake psychic script readers are now once again taking over the industry, and since ANYONE can get a job doing readings for them, many fake phony psychics that have been in trouble or removed are now BACK, so be very careful not to get scammed by them. There are sooo many of them on top psychic sites you would be amazed. I got a letter from one woman who got a listing though the ex-prn people, and when she quit, her points, feedback and listing were given to someone NEW to use, so at this rate the feedback you are reading may not be for the person you get on the phone!!!

Featured Listings: featured listings are ads that readers pay for. It is paid advertising, nothing else. The only thing you needed to do to get on "featured listings" is PAY to be there, not do anything special what-so-ever. You are probably better off looking for "highest rated" since these are the people whose reputation had to be built, and have  had extensive experience with callers.


The stories from actual victims of psychic scammers can be found by clicking here


Psychics that worked for the Miss Cleo/prn company shared information, so you would be surprised how many of them have already heard your story before because another fake psychic TOLD them. So many people fall for this it isn't funny.


The psychic "friend". This fake psychic has tons of feedback saying how *nice, sweet and charming they are*. Your not paying for NICE, your paying for a PSYCHIC. These *nice, sweet, caring* frauds are laughing all the way to the bank! They have FRIENDS they can call and not pay for it, if you want to talk to someone nice call your REAL friend that doesn't CHARGE you, and ask you to CALL them day after day and update them on YOUR dime. A true "friend" will also be worried what all this "friendship" is COSTING you. The sad part is, many people believe their "psychic" is this great friend, but when the client runs out of money, the friendship runs out too! This can be devastating to a client that feels they were duped by a so-called "friend". It especially hurts when the fake psychic scams them out of all this money for "friendship/psychic advice" and then when they have no money left, the fake psychic blocks them and tosses them aside like trash.

INITIALS - OFTEN used to impress, please keep in mind that this is a tactic used in cold readings. For instance, the most common male initials are as follows "R, M, J, and D". Remember this before you are "blown away" that they picked up initials!

Links and Articles On Scams
Victims page: Stories from real people who have been scammed by phony psychics
Oct.31,2001 Press Release- Consumer Protection Board : - Miss Cleo' Cited for Barrage of Telemarketing Calls
Oct,2001 Consumer Protection Board Releases Report "Dialing for Dollars," Detailing Misleading Sales Practices by Florida Psychic Service. "
Dec,2001 "Miss Cleo A paid spokeswoman, not a psychic" by The Internet Home of Consumer Advocate Tom Martino

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