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After hearing so many stories from so many people about how badly they have been burned by some "bad apples", I have decided to include their stories here, to prevent others from being ripped-off.

The "Re-uniting" scam

     I was desperate to get my boyfriend back, and the pain of waiting for him was excruciating. I spoke with a psychic on a service that told me they saw "some woman" that was doing something "on the dark side" that was keeping him confused and away from me. They offered to help combat what the woman was doing, so that he would gain the clarity he needed. They needed me to send them $1,500.00 by Western Union so she could buy the materials necessary to do the work. She told me to "keep in touch" and would let me know the progress. Of course I had to call her nearly every day at her per-minute charge on the service, getting answers like "well, this is stronger than I thought", and then, after two weeks told me we needed an "additional" spell. Since I was already into it for $1,500  and this spell was a "bargain" at $200 because she needed to buy wax to make candles of the two of us I sent the money. I was supposed to get my money back in the event that the spells didn't work of course. To make a long story short, he never did come back, and the psychic refused to send my money back because they said my whole family would die if they did.

    At a very young age I moved away from my family because the company I was working for re-located. I was lonely when I got there, had a very hard time making friends, and my boyfriend broke up with me because he didn't think that we could make it work. I was depressed all the time, would cry myself to sleep, and had no idea why this had happened, as he was fine with my move before I left! I wouldn't have re-located if I knew he was going to break up with me! My family knew how hard I worked for this position, and felt he was being selfish and I was better off without him, so there really was no one for me to talk to at all about how much my heart was broken. One day I decided I would  get a psychic reading from someone here in town, not knowing what I was in for.. The psychic told me that I was in grave danger, and if I
did not do something about it, it would get worse. She told me this was why my boyfriend broke up with me, but that she could do certain rituals that would reunite me with my boyfriend , and we would always be together from now on. She said it would take a bit of money, which I did not have, so she said she would front me the money for the supplies, and I could reimburse HER by getting her the things she was originally going to use her money for. She told me that I needed to get  her furniture from a store that cost about  $2500.00, and a $1000.00 gift card from Sears, $1500.00 in jewelry and $1000.00 in other store gift cards. (She used HER money to buy the "supplies, this was how I could pay her back for the money she supposedly spent). Being young, back then it was easy to apply and get credit at these stores, I had no blemishes on my credit, so I was approved for all the credit cards. I really felt this is what I needed to do, and that this woman could help me get my life and my boyfriend back! I never thought that all of this could be just a scam. What I didn't realize was all she DID do, was ruin my credit and my financial status, and I now realize the huge mistake I made, and that impact it had on my life.

Curse Removal/Negativity removal

I called a psychic who told me that my aura was "black", and that a curse had been put on myself and my family. She said "Look at all the bad things that have been happening to you and your family (I wasn't thinking that that statement could apply to most people as bad things happen to everyone) She said I  should stay on the line and that she would burn annointed candles and we would pray together. She also said that we would need to do it several times a day until the negativity was gone.   After 2 weeks she said she needed 300 dollars to order a special ritual stone from a foreign land that would cleanse us of all negativity. I was getting uneasy, but she seemed to care so much and was always logging on for me (I realized of COURSE she was I was PAYING her) but I figured I had come this far and she always promised a refund if I wasn't satisfied with the results. She, while meditating, was told by her "spirit guides" that this negativity was all the result of my past life, and that a black candle was lit in my name and the negativity would follow me through ALL of my lives until it was properly "banished". She said it would cost additional money, and that the money needed to be burned as a sacrifice. When I sounded unhappy about having to spend even more she acted like she was insulted! She said she was putting herself and loved ones at risk dealing with such a strong negative force, and that even though all her loved ones were telling her NOT to help me, she couldn't do that to me, she couldn't let anyone go through this alone, without help from someone who can. After all the money passed hands, she suddenly wouldn't take my calls, and I was blocked from calling her. I reported her to the company, who told me they are not legally responsible, and that I was on my own. She was soon removed from the service, and I have not been able to contact her again, and my money is gone forever!

Newest Letters

Here is my story of being scammed if you would like to include it on your website.  Actually I am ashamed to say that I have been scammed more than once which means it has taken me awhile to learn my lesson.
1st Story:
Over two years ago, I found this website on the internet where this Egyptian witch could "magically" make anything that you want happen.  Well, since I was desperate to have this guy in my life I decided to pay the $150.00 for this spell.  I had to pluck 7 hairs off of my head, clip my toe nails, cry into a tissue, enclose all of this in a plastic sack, and ship it to this lady in New York so that she could do a ritual.  About two weeks later I received a letter from her in the mail with the enclosed "amulet" that held the "magical" spell.  This amulet consisted of a piece of paper with gauze wrapped around it.  The instructions were that I couldn't get it wet, have it touch metal, or take the gauze off of it.  I also had to light a pink candle every Wednesday and let it burn for an hour.  Well, on my first attempt I got the amulet wet so I had to reorder another one which then cost me another $150.00 since they said the spell was broken since I had gotten it wet.  The 2nd amulet I let touch metal so of course the spell was broken and had to order another one for $150.00.  I treated the 3rd amulet like gold and guess what happened, the guy I was doing all of this for ended up moving and not calling me ever again.  It has been two years and I still haven't heard from him which is probably best any way.
2nd Story:
I went into this psychic shop close to my house and decided to get a simple Tarot reading just for fun.  During my reading this psychic told me that I had a curse over my head.  When I asked her who had put the curse on me she then replied, "Two women and a man put the curse on you since they were jealous of you and your family.  The curse will get stronger and your love life will suffer the older you become.  This is why you have been having such bad luck.  We can remove the curse for $200.00."  Needless to say, I did not want more bad luck than I had been experiencing lately and paid her the $200.00 to remove the curse.  Well, it didn't stop with $200.00, she then wanted me to wrap 10 roses petals in 10 $1.00 dollar bills, then wrap 10 roses petals in $5.00 dollar bills.  As you can see the amount of money kept growing until I told her that I couldn't afford any more.  She then told me to bring the rose petals wrapped in money into her and that she would take it to church with her to pray over it.  I never saw that money and stopped going in there when I realized that she was scamming me.  Things weren't getting any better than before and I was now out over $400.00.  I realized then that this "psychic" was playing with my emotions and taking advantage of me so I stopped going in there all together.
3rd Story:
I have realized that when it comes to phone psychics, you really need to be careful of who you choose to do a reading for you.  I have heard so many conflicting stories and opinions that it would make your head spin.  I had one that told me to call her at home, so of course I did since it was free.  When I called her, she kept me on the phone for an hour trying to sell me a work at home opportunity.  I had another trying to sell me instructions on how to meditate and all I had to do was pay her $30.00.  Well, I can get on the internet and find instructions on how to meditate so of course I didn't pay her the money.  I have had some that say they will light candles for me, meditate for me, pray for me, perform love spells for me, and of course all of this comes at a price.  They will not do this out of the kindness of their hearts as all they want is the money.  I've also noticed that some will purposely read very slow and right when your time is up try to tell you something phenomenal just so you can add more money to your account.  Some will continuously guess and get everything wrong, which if they were a good reader and couldn't connect with you then they would let you know that they are not connecting with you.  Some repeat the same thing over and over on the phone not letting you get a word in which causes time to be wasted.  Some have even asked me lots of questions in order to find out more about my life which is a definite red flag all together.

4th Story:
I have never spoken to you and I would like to someday. I was reading your page about the psychic scams and I would like to contribute my story to your page. Like many of the victims that you posted stories for, I have also have been scammed several times. I also fell for the "World Renowned", "As seen on TV", or "Featured on the Radio" titles. When I first started calling, I spoke with someone named Matthew. My boyfriend had just broken up with me and I was desperate to get him back. He would tell me all these things that I needed to do to get him back and then he would start talking about how I need to take vitamins and take care of my health just to keep on the phone and adding money. I also spoke with another woman who said that I needed to burn candles and say these weird chants and to call her to keep her informed on my progress. She told me that I had to call her at least twice a week so that she can update me on the status of my exboyfriend. I had several psychics tell me that a new guy was going to come into my like and one of his initials would be a J or a C, like the common letters you stated. I have also had several psychics ask me lots of questions about my situation so that they could give me opinions on my situation, opinions that I can make myself or hear from my friends for free. Many of the psychics that I have been frauded by, have always given me generalized descriptions of my love life and seem to tell me what I want to hear. During these moments of desperation to hear that I was going to get my boyfriend back, I wasted my money on opinions that I could have gotten for free from my friends. 

A couple of years ago I went to see a psychic because I was desperate to know about a situation that I had with a man that I had been sleeping with. This so-called psychic noticed that I had a coach purse. She asked me about my job and I told her that I had 2 jobs and an unpaid internship and going to school full-time. She asked this before she did my reading. From what I know now about the tarot and the spreads that they do, I now realize that this "psychic" did not know what the hell she was doing. She was just throwing out all the cards in whatever way she wanted to and even used up the whole deck. She told me that the guy that I was in love with had another woman in his like who had a dark aura and that this woman would take him away from me if I didn't do something quick. She said that this woman knows about me and cursed me. This "psychic" said that this woman was doing black magic on me and it is darkening my aura and that's why I was so depressed and the guy was walking away from me. The "psychic' said that I needed to buy these crystals from her to "cleanse" my soul and spirit so that I can be "normal" and happy again. She told me that the crystals cost $700. She also said that I needed to pay her another $1000 so that she can do the cleansing ritual. I told her that I didn't have that kind of money. And she said "Well you have 2 jobs, you should have the money." I told her that I was supporting myself and putting myself through school. And she said "Where did you get that money to buy that expensive purse?" I said that it was a gift from my parents for my birthday and that I can never afford something like that on my own. She told me that if I really wanted the guy in my life and my "spirit cleansed" that I would find a way to get the money or else I was in deep trouble. She said that my life would be ruined forever and that bad luck would follow me throughout my life. She told me to ask for money from my parents so that she can help me and she told me that she really wanted to help me. Being smart, I never went back to her. I knew she was frauding me when she talked about my purse and my two jobs. I am glad that I spotted it right away. As far as several of the psychics, I now check the feedback before I make a call.

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